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candle care

There are a handful of etymologies of the phrase "mind your beeswax". Folk etymology says it was used in colonial times when women would sit by the fire making candles and the beeswax would get too hot.

How to mind your own beeswax candles:

  • Remove any packaging or stickers.

  • Always keep wicks trimmed to ~1/4 inch before each burn (about grain of rice).

  • Trim wick with wick trimmer, or even nail clippers- discard wick trimming. 

  • Light candle at base of trimmed wick.

  • Burn candles in a room that is free from drafts to prevent uneven burning and irregular flame.

  • Place pillars on heat resistant holder or plate.

  • Pillar candles should be burned for 1 hour per diameter. Ex: 3 inch candle should be burned for 3 hours at a time (Pillars are kind of a commitment).

  • "Hug" in edges of pillar candle after candle flame is extinguished between lightings and while candle is still warm for even burning.

  • Never leave lit candle unattended. (duh)

  • To extinguish candles and prevent smoke, dunk wick in wax pool and then return wick back to upright position.

  • Burn Taper candles upright in holder on an even surface.

  • Use candle dots, melted wax, or 'stick um' adhesive to hold in place if taper is not secure in holder .

  • If taper doesn't fit: too small? Melt the base over the holder, and let a few drips of wax fall into the holder. This will create a seal so that it stays put. Too big? Melt the base until it fits.

  • Taper candles can be extinguished with a snuffer if you have one, or gently blow out the flame if too much air pressure wax will fly.

  • Taper candles can be burned for any amount of time until finished. 

  • Our taper candles fit standard size 7/8in holder and are 8-9 inches long.

  • Tea lights should be burned all in one lighting.

  • Tea lights should always be burned in an appropriate container .

  • If there is a white frosty appearance on the candle, don't fret, it is known as "blooming". Blooming is a natural process unique to beeswax and happens over a period of time.This process signifies a pure beeswax candle. It can be wiped off with hands or a cloth.

  • To remove beeswax from pillar dishes or holders, pop them in the freezer for a few minutes and then chip or peel off.

  • Have a lot of left over beeswax? It happens. Locals we recycle it and can reuse it for new candles! 

All of these tips are to get the most out of your candle, reduce the amount of wax left over, and to get a little closer to your candle.

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